Why Boxing is the Best Cardio Workout

Why Boxing is the Best Cardio Workout

Boxing has been around since 3000 BC and has been an Olympic sport since the 7th century.  Today boxing is widely popular for killer conditioning as well as amateur fight entertainment. Regardless of what draws you to the sport, there are 3 biological benefits that make boxing one of the best cardio workouts to add to your health and fitness routine.

  1. Engagement of All 5 Major Muscle Groups

Boxing is a full-body workout that engages the entire upper and lower body including all 5 major muscle groups.  The main boxing position, called the crouch, is a wide stance with your knees slightly bent that strengthens your core, back, legs and buttocks.  Striking and punching drills work chest muscles and the fast-twitch muscle fibers located in your upper back and shoulders, which drive your powerful bursts of movement.

Plus, boxing trains your heart – your most important muscle  — to regulate oxygen more efficiently, resulting in better energy management, which is a key component in weight-loss.

  1. Anaerobic & Aerobic Exertion

Given it’s full body movement at a constantly changing pace, boxing has been estimated as a 70-80% anaerobic (without oxygen) and 20-30% aerobic (with oxygen) activity. Punching and striking are high intensity efforts where oxygen demand surpasses oxygen supply for a short span of time.  Crouching, ducking and other legwork are aerobic activities where you utilize oxygen through the movements which gets your heart pumping.  Through intense speed and varied exertion, boxing increases your cardiovascular fitness by enhancing both your anaerobic and aerobic respiration.

  1. Intense Calorie Burn

All of those oxygen-demanding uppercuts and heart-pumping stance changes burn some serious calories. It is estimated that one hour of boxing can burn upwards of 500-900 calories depending on whether your doing drills or fighting live in the ring.  Additionally, since boxing is a high intensity workout, you not only burn calories during your session, but for hours after the training has ended.

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